Punch und Judy

Punch and Judy

Opera by Sir Harrison Birtwistle 

A tragical comedy or comical tragedy  in 1 act (1966-1967).

"Punch and Judy" wins 2 of 3 cetegories at Armel Opera Competition and Festival 2014:

the ARTE Audience Award & the prize for Best Production

Guest performance at Armel Opera Festival Budapest

14th of October, 7.00p.m. Erkel Theatre, Tickets

Live via Livestream on arte_concert

Past Performances in Vienna

Premiere: 22nd of May 2014,  7.30p.m.
Further performances: 25th & 28th of  May; 3rd & 5th of June 2014
Kammeroper, Fleischmarkt 24, 1010  Vienna
A short lecture to the piece will be held  by Walter Kobéra before each  performance: 6:45 pm

Mr. Punch and  Judy are puppet characters that are quite popular in England and occupy a status comparable to that of the Kasperltheater genre in Austria.
To this day, the opera has retained its polarizing effect. Just a few minutes into the action, Mr. Punch brutally murders his own child and Judy — and as the plot progresses, he ends up killing almost everyone else he encounters. Only Pretty Polly, whom he practically worships, is allowed by him to live. Harrison Birtwistle and his librettist Stephen Pruslin created a stylized tragedy full of grotesque moments, the music of which is just as capable of portraying a monstrous being as it is of portraying love.
Pretty Polly / Witch: Jennifer Yoon
Judy / Fortune teller: Manuela Leonhartsberger
Lawyer: Lorin Wey
Punch: Richard Rittelmann
Choregos / Jack Ketch: Till von Orlowsky
Doctor: Johannes Schwendinger
Dancer: Evamaria Mayer

Composition Sir Harrison Birtwistle / Libretto & Szenario Stephen Pruslin / Musical Director Walter Kobéra / Director Leonard Prinsloo / Stage & Costume Design Monika Biegler / Light Design Norbert Chmel / Video Design Bernd Preiml

amadeus ensemble-wien

In English with english subtitles.

A production of Neue Oper Wien
In cooperation with the Armel Opera Festival, Festival d'Avignon and Fesival at the Slovak National Theatre Bratislava.
The production will be broadcasted on via Livestreem on arte concert from Armel Opera Festivalon 14th of October 2014

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