BORG Mistelbach

junge oper wien 2014

BORG Mistelbach

With junge oper wien, 2012 saw Neue Oper Wien launch a music appreciation program tailored specifically to young people. junge oper wien is meant to provide young people with the opportunity to be amazed by music theater and to approach it both creatively and with open ears. Music theater, with its diverse ties to other art forms and the wide variety of professions that play into it, is particularly well-suited as a means of bringing young people together with contemporary music. The sponsoring program p[ART], currently in its initial three years (2012–2014) of existence, provides financial support from KulturKontakt Austria to partnerships between schools and cultural institutions. NOW’s partner school for this period is the secondary school BORG Mistelbach. 

participative – creative – integrative
These are the main tenets of junge oper wien’s activities. The main focus is on facilitating young people’s active participation in the project at hand. Starting from the production currently in progress, relevant thematic fields are first explained, discussed, and worked with. It is extremely important to provide the school students with ways of relating to the work’s themes. The second step, then, is about getting creative. The students join together with Neue Oper Wien team members to develop their own music theater work. In doing so, they take on various roles, trying their hands at composition, directing, stage and costume design, and singing and playing instruments. The young participants’ individual strengths and interests are discovered, encouraged and integrated into a mutual working process.

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